Weeeejiaaaaaaa!!!!!! We are gettin so excited for all the exciting upcoming Tuuletar stuff!!! We are gonna publish next month our single Kohma made with Rapurecords, then we have a surprise song for you all, collaboration with swedish electronic musician/producer Fredrik Arvidsson AND we are gonna soon meet with the whole Tuu-family in Denmark, Aarhus where it all started and have a open concert where we perform our Leipzig Vocal Group Competition program before we travel to Germany, Leipzig to actually compete in the finals!!!!!

Last Summer Tuuletar had a chance to make a funnnnn collaboration project with great musical collective called Sykedelix that mixes rap, reggae, psychedelic rock and funk. Tuuletar went to record backing vocals for their track “Sosiaalinen Tyhjiö”, and now they have published the unmastered version of it, here you can hear the result!! ps. Tuuletar comes in at 1:28 and 3:15 😉

Christmas is over and so is the year 2014. Last year was amazing for us and we are so happy and grateful for all the great experiences we had. It’s time to look back in time and share some of the stuff we did during the last couple of months.

After the busy summer tour we headed to Sweden to perform in a festival in Gothenburg. During that trip in Sweden we also recorded some new material. Our song has not been published yet but just wait, it will be on air later this spring!

We made another trip to Gothenburg in October to perform in the Music Academy of Gothenburg and in Klubb Ankarett. Both concerts were a great success and we can only say: WE LOVE OUR SWEDISH FANS!!! We also performed in Finland and had some great evenings in Helsinki and Valkeakoski.

After a busy year we all took some time to cool down and spent a well deserved Christmas holiday. BUT NOW Tuuletar girls are back in business!! We are heading to studio with a Finnish record label Rapu Records to record a single of our song “Kohma”.

We are sooooooooo thrilled to see what the year 2015 will bring us. We have big plans and dreams and we are more than ready to make them come true! Stay tuned with our crazy, colourful and loving Tuuletar-family!

With love, Johanna, Sini, Piia and Venla


Tuuletar on lähtenyt tuulettamaan Suomen kesäkyliä. Matka alkoi sunnuntaina Helsingistä, josta lähdimme kohti Tuuletar-Piian kotipaikkakuntaa, Sieviä. Sievissä meidät vastaanotti kärpästen armeija, lampaiden määkinä ja pohjoispohjanmaalainen vieraanvaraisuus. Pidimme kaksi konserttia, joista ensimmäinen oli upeassa maalaismiljöössä Kiurunkankaalla. Toinen konsertti järjestettiin musiikkiopiston salissa. Ukkonen toi lisädramatiikkaa iltaan!

Keskiviikkona matka jatkui Kangasalle Vehkajärven kylään, missä esiinnyimme Vehkajärven Korvissa Soi -tapahtumassa. Touhulan talo oli varsin viehättävä keikkapaikka ja vanha teatterilava punaisine samettiverhoineen ja räpsyvine valoineen loi konsertille aivan ainutlaatuisen tunnelman. Upea ja mieleenpainuva kokemus!

Tulevana lauantaina meitä odottaa Hankasalmi ja Kihveli Soikoon -festivaali! Täältä tullaan – ja tuullaan!

Tuuletar in Sievi PHOTO
Tuuletar in Sievi PHOTO

Tuuletar released an official music video “Suven ahava” on the 25th of May. The video was filmed in the club venue of the Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki, the 3rd of January 2014. (Filming and editing by Heikki Kynsijärvi, recording and mixing by Matti Kynsijärvi.)

New single “Kohma” was filmed and recorded with the Luomustudio productions. The video was shot in the Mustavuori cave in Helsinki the 30th of May and it was released the 1st of June 2014. Acoustic live session (one camera, one microphone, one take).