“Having made impressive performances at WOMEX and Budapest RITMO last year, they are a real discovery.”
Simon Broughton, Songlines, UK

“It is rare to witness such an unashamedly fresh take on the folk tradition.”  
Balázs Weyer, Hangvetö, Hungary

TUULETAR (“Goddess of The Wind” in Finnish Mythology) is a vocal performance group, consisting of four diverse women from Finland. Since 2012 these vibrant musicians have been singing, composing and performing together, creating their own and unique sound and identity.
Tuuletar is taking Finnish musical tradition abroad with a novel approach. The band’s virtuoso singers use only their voices to create a vivid sonic landscape, where beatbox rhythms meet Finnish folk tradition and global influences. With their freshly invigorating original music, they are pioneering the genre of Vocal Folk Hop, enchanting audiences globally with their heartfelt, tribal and captivating spirit.

Tuuletar released their highly appreciated debut album “Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal” (On Fire and Earth, In Water and Sky) in June 2016. The album was recorded in the USA with Liquid 5th Productions and was released on a Finnish record label Bafe’s Factory. The album rose right away to the Top 10 in European World Music Charts as well as Transglobal World Music Charts. The album has received raging reviews and has been playlisted on radio shows all around the world. In February 2017 the album won the prestigious Finnish EMMA award (the Finnish equivalent to the Grammy Award) for the best ethno album of the year.  

In 2017, Tuuletar’s song “Alku” (from the album Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal) was sold for the HBO hit tv-show “Game of Thrones“. The same song was also featured in Australian tv-serie “Wentworth” (FOX) earlier the same year.

During the recent years, Tuuletar has been actively performing all around the world, doing two major Asian tours, in Japan December 2016 (Plankton) and in Taiwan October 2017 (Taiwan Choral Music Center). They have been headlining both Finnish and European festivals such as Vienna’s Voice Mania 2015, Budapest Ritmo Festival 2016, Hannover A Cappella Festival 2017, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2017, Haapavesi Folk Music Festival 2017, Vaasa Choir Festival 2017, Nordischer Klang Festival 2017 and Bardentreffen Festival 2017, to name a few. Tuuletar gave an exclusive radio concert in WOMEX 2016 for the EBU LIVE SESSIONS, hosted by NRK and BBC. In 2018 Tuuletar will be headlining Sur Jahan -festival in India (Kolkata and Goa) as well as the Songlines Encounters in London in June.

Album Release 29/6/2016 © Aija Lehtonen
Album Release 29/6/2016 © Aija Lehtonen

Venla Ilona Blom

beatboxing and vocals


Sini Koskelainen




Johanna Kyykoski



Piia Säilynoja