TUULETAR // GODDESS OF THE WIND (in Finnish Mythology)

Sometimes life brings together people, who resonate in a very special way. It’s an indescribable, unreachable and never-ending inner vibration that makes the Earth shake and the Wind howl, as the Waves are dancing together with Fire, in a perfect disharmony. When the four elements merge, together they create a sublime chaos, filled with emotions and ideas that can only find balance while staying together.
This is TUULETAR – A chaotic, imperfect collective of colorful individuals, who share the same passion for curiosity. We do what we do because we love our language, we respect our roots and we are driven to explore. We dig and search, we conquer and fail, we stay and we leave but never do we stop moving, stop caring, stop respecting. It’s the details that paint together the big picture and it’s the captivating synergy that makes us resonate, imperfectly and incompletely, in a perfect disharmony.